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Amazing Sakhalin!

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Published in Sakhalin

Sakhalin Island is a discovery and new experience, which are available only in this unique nature reserve! 

The program is made for those who came to Sakhalin for the first time.

You will get acquainted with the main attractions of the Island.

You are waiting for boating, hiking mountain trails, gastronomic discoveries, meetings with the natives, and even a visit to the places where the local medicine men live from time immemorial.

The cost of the program starts from RUR 70 0000, and formed  on the basis of the conditions of stay,  and the period and the number of travelers in the group.


Tour schedule

Day 1: Meeting.

Pick up at the airport.

Welcome briefing during the transfer to the hotel.

Accommodation in the hotels of the selected category.

Ethnographic concert and dinner at the restaurant of Russian national cuisine.

Day 2: History.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Visit the Museum of Local History / Museum Bear Sakhalin in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

A visit of the museum of the book "The Island of Sakhalin"  by Anton Chekhov.

Lunch dishes Sakhalin cuisine (buffet).

Visiting the museum "House of the immigrant."

A visit to the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Participation in traditional fair masters Islands.

Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Day 3: Sea Day.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure to the Pacific coast with stops at lakes Peremenchivoe and Tunaicha.

A visit to the ancient lighthouse, which was built by the Japanese in the early 20th century.

Lunch in the camp of Aboriginal fishermen.

A visit to the village of fishermen "Forest".

Return to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Walking through the city.

Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Day 4: Industrial.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Visit the hatchery.

Lunch at the hatcheries.

A trip to LNG (the World's largest natural gas liquefaction plant).

Return to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Day 5: Active.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Ascent via the cable car to the top of the mountain Russian.

The two-hour walk through the forest in the vicinity of Sakhalin "Mountain Air" resort.

Visit the sacred stone "Bald Mountain". According to legend, it fulfills all desires.

BBQ show with elements of ethnographic concerts and entertainment in the resort "Mountain Air" with panoramic views of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

If there are forces - then a walk around the city and free time.

Day 6: Commerce and mystical.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Visit to the central market of seafood in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Visit the shops of local healers and buy folk cures.

A visit to the ethnographic village of Sakhalin aborigines.

Lunch at the ethnographic village of traditional dishes of the ancient tribes of the Island. Visit the mysterious and healing mountain "Frog".

Shopping in the local shopping mall with local products.

Dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Day 7: Farewell.

Breakfast at the hotel.

Summing up, the definition of return plan to visit Sakhalin next time.

Transfer to airport.



"Santa Resort Hotel» 4 *

"Santa Resort Hotel" built in 1993 by Japanese builders, renovated on 2015. The certifi-cate of confirmation categories - series RGA№000012-II dated May 24, 2014.

Room Description:

Standart room
Double room

In each room there are:

the furniture which is made by natural wood, a TV-set, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a mini-bar, a safe, a bathroom with toiletries, a hairdryer, a bathrobe, a cosmetics bar, Wi-Fi Internet

Restaurants and bars:

The restaurant "Rubin" with 90 seats, serving Russian and European cuisine, the bar "Kristal" and Lobby Bar, an open veranda.

Entertainment, sports and service:

Gym, Pool Room (two pool tables for Russian Pyramid and American pool).
Tennis Court, Sauna (Finnish sauna, cooling pool, Jacuzzi with hydro and aero mas-sage)
Children's playground, Laundry, »Souvenirs" Shop.

"Strawberry Hills"

Strawberry Hills Hotel opened on 2004.  3  - stored hotel was built by US-project.

Room Description:

Standart room

In each room there are:

natural wood furniture, a TV-set,  an air conditioner, a refrigerator,a mini-bar, a safe,  a bathroom with toiletries, a hairdryer,a bathrobe, a cosmetics bar, Internet Wi-Fi, a balcony.

Restaurants and bars:

The main restaurant with 60 seats (menu, wine list, sets), a bar-lounge with 40 seats (menu, wine list, sets), bar (menu, wine list, sets).

Entertainment, sports and service:

Fitness Centre (swimming-pool 7x3 meters, gym, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi), the outdoor courts for tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton.  On the site there is the outdoor sports ground with outdoor fitness equipment and outdoor playground.

Luggage room, laundry.

Hotel "Gagarin"

The hotel is located in the park area in the center of the city. Building # 1 (3-storey build-ing) was built on 2000, Building # 2 (9-story building) - on 2005. The interior of the hotel combines European and Asian styles.

Room Description:

Standart room

In each room there are:

natural wood furniture, a TV-set, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a mini-bar, a safe, a bathroom with toiletries, a hairdryer, a bathrobe, a cosmetics bar, Wi-Fi Internet, a balcony.

The sauna (karaoke, lounge, fitness center, whirlpool in the swimming pool)
The restaurant has seats for 120 guests (European, Korean, Russian cuisine)
Karaoke bar for 50 guests ( the common room, the separate cabins)
Bar "133" opened on the second floor (Democratic pub)
"Wasabi", for 40 guests (Japanese cuisine from Japanese cook-chef)
Nightclub «Loona»
The garden with a waterfall on the hotel’s territory

Additional info

Helicopter Fly

The exiting flight aboard the modern helicopter, equipped with special large windows that allow you to see all the unrealistic beauty of wild places, which are famous at Sakhalin and do a lot of great photos from the bird's-eye view! There are bears, deers and other wildlife inhabitants you can see from the air. Duration: 1 hour or more (depending on the route)

Natural Park "Moneron Island"

Moneron Island is one of two large islands situated near Sakhalin Island. This is a real jewel in the necklace of Sakhalin island coast with unique waterfalls, columnar cliffs, nature and wildlife. On the coastal reefs of the island you can see the sea lion rookery. The islands are nesting place for many migratory and coastal seabird colonies are located here rhinoceros impasse, puffins, peregrine falcons, white-tailed eagle. On a relatively small area of the island observed about 30 species of rare plants, some of which are included in the Red Book of Russia. The main wealth of Moneron Island is marine fauna.

A unique combination of various forms of underwater relief and warming impact caused the Tsushima Current branch is the possible existence of subtropical species: galiotis, sea cucumber, sea urchins, starfish and multipath others. The main objects of hunting are flounder, perch, ruff. For recreational fishing in the warmer months are going pretty dense schools of fish.

The Moneron Island has ecologically clean sea air, which has beneficial effects on health, hardening, holidaymakers. Those who wish to visit Moneron Island we offers the boat trips around the Island, diving, recreational fishing, swimming recreation, as well as exotic and adventure trips around the Island.

Fishing in the open sea

One of the most unforgettable experience you can get at Sakhalin sea – is a sea fishing. Wild untouched nature, clean water and a stunning infinitely rich in fish stocks. Almost nowhere in the World you have the better conditions for fishing than on Sakhalin, and certainly there are no other places in the World where so many fishing records have been delivered.

On the south side of the Sea of Okhotsk There are more than 270 species of fish, from the North side - 120. In the East Sea (Sea of Japan), there are about 600 species. The main fish species are turbot and salmon, herring and saury, chum salmon, pollock, cod and many others. Smelt and it kind of capelin are also important, there are bulls and rudd yet . In the summer of Sakhalin waters contain a large number of fish that are adapted to live in the warmth, including: mackerel, sardines and squid. In a particularly warm summer, near the coast you can see exotic fish - fly-fish.

No matter what time of year you choose to visit, you can always get the thrill of world-class fishing. Our savvy guides and friendly team of fishermen are always ready to help and give advice on equipment and of course places of biting. Catch the following species of fish - flounder, mackerel, salmon. Particularly successful fishermen can get caught crab and unique fish - dog. After returning to the friendly fishing camp our cooks are happy to prepare freshly caught fish and seafood for lunch. Unforgettable fishing, delicious food, combined with the pristine nature of Sakhalin, will leave a lasting impression. Duration: 8:00 hours

Oyster tour

For oysters go to Busse Lake - on the shore of Aniva Bay - the most pure and eco-friendly restaurant in the World to an unforgettable delight when your hands were removed from the water and you open, pour the lemon juice and devouring a delicious giant oyster. Those oysters are known even in Paris .

Busse Lake is the lake with different sea grasses and algae, one of them -Price ahnfeltia red algae which is used to produce agar-agar. It is home to shellfish, mainly mussels, giant oysters, scallops, sea cucumbers, found a large grass shrimp. The Busse Lagoon is a natural monument of regional significance, is a rich ecosystem that has great commercial and scientific value.


In the morning we go to the village of Ozersk, get into the picturesque lagoon Busse Lake. Traveled around Lake Busse, we reach the lake ducts to the sea. Camping. The rest after a grueling road, drink tea with sandwiches and go explore the surrounding area, thereby getting a good appetite for the upcoming dinner prepared by our chef. Further, together with a guide on the boat for 5-6 people you will go to the oyster beds of the island, where for themselves catch Sakhalin oyster. It is defined not only by large size, but also special taste qualities (with a taste of watermelon). After lunch, and little rest, walking tour in the surroundings of the lake, take a photo shoots and returning back to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


Jeep - tours - this is an exciting comfortable journey. Quickly moving from one point to another, you will be able to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature, to see the endless shore of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the incredible beauty of stone sculptures, pristine lakes, raging rivers, impassable taiga forests.

The route of n Okhotsk to Cape Free -. Sheer abundance of creations of nature in the form of outliers valuable rock vegetation and is under the protection of forests, located close to the water's edge. Sea Terrace is filled with futuristic shapes over which centuries worked the forces of nature - wind, sun and water. The arches, cliffs, niches, boulders bizarre shapes in the noise of the sea, and no one around. On the bench protruding rocks there are haul seals, bird colonies. Walk along the sea resembles a tour of the sculpture park, but in several times much-more interesting. Amaze scale - height and awkwardness surrounding with the stone giants. A Man feels quite insignificant in front of these whopper. On the way there is a stop at Tunaicha lake, and abnormal road, where contrary to the laws of physics and common sense of the cars in neutral speed, go uphill themselves , downhill upward water flows. Duration - 5 hours


At all times, the true SAKHALIN souvenirs were considered as fish, caviar and seafood. Nothing has changed, if you want to bring Sakhalin unusual gift - this is the best you can imagine.

Counters with delicacies - as the exhibition "seafood". Far Eastern fish: coho, sockeye salmon, smelt, salmon, flounder ... Huge variety of delicacies: crab meat, of course, a crab itself , sea urchin roe and scallops, seaweed. All kinds of snacks: dried squid, flounder, coho in the form of the original straw, smelt, catfish. And of course, a truly royal gift - red caviar, a unique, natural product with a delicate and intense flavor, rich in vitamins, useful acids and trace elements. Do not forget about one more "pride of Sakhalin" - syrup, infused on the famous Krasnik (Klopovke), which tourists gladly buy and take with you to the memory of the largest island in Russia.

Tours by categories


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